Online Courses

NMEC offers a wide range of online courses for our teachers and administrators:

  • Virtual Education Software - These courses offer 3.0/4.5 CEUs or 25/30 SEMIs per course, and can be completed in as little as two weeks or as long as six months.

  • PLS 3rd Learning - These courses offer a range of 0.5 - 1.5 CEUs with up to six weeks to complete.

The courses below are NOT the only ones available; click on any of the three links above to see the full course listings for that category.

This course is an interactive computer-based instruction course, designed to give you an understan..

This course includes topics on violence, aggression in the classroom, youth gangs, aggression in s..

This course, Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards, has been divided into four ch..

Try DI! is designed to provide you an opportunity to learn about an instructional framework, Diffe..

This course will explore an instructional methodology that incorporates strategies for teaching co..

This course is designed to expand your methodology for teaching Mathematics. The course will explo..

This course provides information on the history of exceptional students in relation to education, ..

RTI is a process schools can and should use to help students who are struggling with academics or ..

Volunteers and paraprofessionals can make substantive contribution to the classroom environment. P..

This module focuses exclusively on types of learning activities that promote deep learning aligned..

This module examines the foundations for managing student behavior. Participants will explore ho..

In this module, participants will implement and evaluate various instructional strategies such as ..

This module explores activities and assignments that promote deep learning, engage all students, a..

Participants will analyze needs and make adjustments to ensure a safe physical classroom environme..

This module examines how and when teachers should provide information about student progress and t..

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